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By Nuno Mariz, on 20 April 2005 @ 16:16

I've bought from some books about Java. I need to move from PHP to Java, as soon as possible, and start to make some serious programming on this platform.

Core Java 2: Fundamentals Vol. 1Core Java 2: Fundamentals Vol. 1: This book is the new edition of the best-selling introductory book to Java for experienced programmers and completely updated for J2SE 1.5. It covers the basics.

Core Java 2: Advanced Features Vol. 2Core Java 2: Advanced Features Vol. 2: This book covers the more advanced features of the Java 2 platform, such as: Multithreading, Collections, Networking, Database Connectivity- Jdbc, Remote Objects, Advanced Swing, Advanced Awt, Javabeans, Security, Internationalization, Native Methods and Xml.

Core Java 2: Advanced Features Vol. 2J2EE Design Patterns: This book covers UML (Unified Modeling Language), Presentation Tier Architecture, The Business Tier, Enterprise Concurrency, Messaging, J2EE Antipatterns, etc.
Seems, this is the last book i will read from this three ;)


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