PHP Collaboration Project

By Nuno Mariz, on 20 October 2005 @ 18:08
Zend Technologies
WOW. Im already anxious to see this working. One thing that think that is missing in PHP, is the existence of an web application framework or an Application Server, which standardizes the way PHP applications are built.
What is the PHP Collaboration Project?
The PHP Collaboration Project is an open source initiative through which the PHP community and partners will create an industrial-grade PHP Web application development and deployment environment...

Zend PHP Framework
A Web application framework which standardizes the way PHP applications are built. The Zend PHP Framework accelerates and improves the development and deployment of mission-critical PHP Web applications.
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  • #1 By brandon on 21 October 2005 @ 02:16
  • #2 By Nuno Mariz on 21 October 2005 @ 09:52
    First of all, Blueshoes is not free for commercial proposes and is another framework.
    The idea is to have a standard base framework, even better if it is a PECL module.
    The overhead of the major frameworks that i had try is enormous, if you want to develop an application that is scalable and fast, i think a PECL module is the way.
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