Django is the favourite of Guido van Rossum

By Nuno Mariz, on 8 August 2006 @ 10:03
Django Project

Guido van Rossum said in the latest FLOSS Weekly podcast:

My personal favorite -- and I expect that that will remain a personal favorite for a long time -- is something named Django. ... I highly recommend it.
Django has been my tool for a new project of mine, has been worth it the time spent learning Django and Python(right now my personal favourite programming language). Django preferred setup is Apache with mod_python, this has make my choice easier because I've been always using Apache with PHP. If you want to give it a try(I recommend it), read the Part 1 of the tutorial. And if you have doubts about performance, read this.


  • #1 By Daniel Lorch on 8 August 2006 @ 10:31
    Does this mean that you are not going to release the ActiveRecord PHP implementation anymore? :)
  • #2 By MikeD on 12 August 2006 @ 09:03
    Looks like a very useful framework! I really need to learn python :)
  • #3 By Rui Barreiros on 18 August 2006 @ 12:40
    The performance test is ridiculous, besides the authors quickly throwing the fault of a MySQL flaw (wich could be avoided by changing MySQL configuration wich also shows they're lack of knowledge of the database) they don't have the minimal clue of how to properly created a heavy duty PHP to MySQl connection.

    Besides that Tiny Mistake Symfony wasn't configured for a production environment, according to my tests in a relatively bad computer, trying to simulate the same conditions of those authors, AND, with Symfony and php properly configured, Symfony is actualy faster than django without APC, maybe i'll make an article with a full detailed benchmark between Django and Symfony.

    With this, i don't mean Django is not a good framework, it is, and i like it alot also, but in heavy duty, mod_python can't handle more than 150 concurrent users while mod_php although slows down, all the pages go without errors according to my workstation tests.

    Best regards,
  • #4 By Nuno Mariz on 18 August 2006 @ 17:35
    Hi Rui,
    If mod_python can't handle 150 concurrent users, how you can explain that or does?
    Please, i really don't believe that i'm hearing it from you Rui. Symfony is NOT fastest(without APC) than Django, because PHP doesn't allow it.
    Also Symphony is not productive as Django, you have to run several commands to generate stuff with Propel etc.
    The template system of Django is the coolest that i ever seen.
    Take a look to Django code, and you will see the ORM and the overall code differences from Symfony.
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