Blog entries on March 2011

  • My daily tools

    By Nuno Mariz, on 23 March 2011 @ 13:00


    At home

    At work

    • Computer 1: iMac 21.5" - Intel Core 2 3.0Ghz, 4Gb RAM and 500Gb HD.
    • Computer 2: Ubuntu Linux - Intel Quad-Core 2.4Ghz, 4Gb RAM, WD Raptor 150Gb + Samsung HD502 750Gb. Used for testing and processing maps.
    • Phone: HTC HD2 with a custom Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM.


    For development

    • Emacs: I'm using it for all web development, scripting and text editing.
    • Xcode: For iOS development.
    • Eclipse: For Android development.
    • Firebug: For web development.
    • Mercurial: The distributed source control management of my choice.
    • Virtualenv: Virtual Python environment builder.
    • PostgreSQL: The relational database of my choice.
    • PostGIS: Adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL relational database.
    • MongoDB: A document-oriented database.

    Other tools

    • Evernote: My information organization tool for all my projects ideas, notes etc.
    • Dropbox: For file sync, no more pen drives!
    • Reeder: I use both iPhone and desktop versions to consume RSS feeds.
    • Twitterrific: I use both iPhone and desktop versions, it's the Twitter client that's fast enough on my iPhone 3G.

    What's yours?

  • New website

    By Nuno Mariz, on 16 March 2011 @ 19:32
    The new website is up. After almost 2 years, I'm blogging again.
    The reason for this gap It's a mix of Twitter usage and laziness.
    In the migration process I've messed up the RSS feed, solved, my apologies that.